MISSION starts and ends with God. He is on a mission to rescue people, renew creation, and re-establish his good and beautiful reign in the midst of darkness, evil, hate, and pain. We want to be a church that joins God’s mission in our neighborhood.

We love The Message translation of John’s Gospel when he speaks of Jesus, the ultimate Word of God, becoming human to rescue humanity:

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” (John 1:14)

We want to follow Jesus’ lead as we live into our name — to be a church in the neighborhood, blessing the neighborhood, and joining God who is already at work in the neighborhood. We try to discern how God is on mission and how he’s calling us to proclaim and demonstrate his kingdom reign. Sometimes that happens in the simple, everyday way of being good neighbors. Other times that looks like meeting physical needs like we do at our Neighborhood Clothes Closet. Each week we gather and scatter in worship, prayer, and fellowship to be formed for this mission. Mission is not an just an add-on to our budget or something we drum up to promote ourselves — it’s our reason for being. 

Theologian and missionary Lesslie Newbigin said,

Our business is not to promote the mission of the church, but to get out into the world, find out ‘What God is doing in the world’ and join forces with him.” (Newbigin, The Open Secret)

For more information on the ways we’re joining with God and others in our neighborhood and world, check out our local and global kingdom partnerships.