What Are Neighborhood Groups?

A group that BELONGS TO ONE ANOTHER and functions as a missionary team in their neighborhoods and city; is GEOGRAPHICALLY BASED - made up of members from the same area who work together to bless their neighbors; BUILDS COMMUNITY through mission; is ON MISSION through community.

We gather in homes to share a meal and talk about life, ways to bless our neighborhood, the Bible, that week’s sermon, or a book that community might be reading together. We also give space to share the way Jesus might be speaking to us or forming us.


We use 3 key elements from Acts 2:42-47 to give us a loose structure to our time together each week.

“They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, to fellowship, and to the breaking of bread and to prayer…They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.”



The word “fellowship” implies devotion and partnership with one another for a common purpose. Fellowship extends way beyond church potlucks to encompass all that happens around the table — the laughter, the warmth, and the sharing of life’s ups and downs.


For some people in our Neighborhood Groups, talking about God and what he’s up to in our lives comes naturally. For others, it doesn’t come as easy. That’s OK. Everyone’s welcome and encouraged to be genuine — not perfect. We just want to set aside time to talk honestly, openly, and intentionally about our life with God and others in a safe space. Come with your doubts, your questions, and your curiosity. The conversation varies from week to week and group to group but the gospel is what binds us and forms us.


The first church wasn’t just devoted to the gospel ("The apostles teaching”), eating (“They broke bread in their homes and ate together”), and serving (“Enjoying the favor of all the people”) — they were devoted to prayer. Everything we are and do must be initiated and saturated in prayer. Our communities must regularly pray together and for each other when they gather and scatter.


Expect to hear ways in which the Neighborhood Group is working in their networks, neighborhoods, and cities and how you can be a part of kingdom work.

For many people, visiting a new group like this can feel overwhelming. We want you and your kids to feel welcome. You’ll meet genuine, imperfect people who don’t have it all figured out — we don’t expect you to be perfect or have all the answers either!

Currently, all of our groups gather in member’s homes on a weeknight. We think this helps facilitate an informal, family-style atmosphere.

Anyone is invited to come. Bring the kids, too! Typically, when the adults settle in after the meal to talk, our kids enjoy playing together after prayer and time together as a whole group.


Take a look at our list of Neighborhood Groups and Leaders.

Email info{at}tncgarland.com to ask about when a group in your area is meeting next.

Be our guest at a Saturday worship gathering and we’ll introduce you to a Neighborhood Group leader in your area