The Neighborhood Church gathers each week to worship God, to hear from God, and to be sent by God back out into our neighborhoods. Our worship gatherings are casual (wear clothes that are comfortable for you). Our music is contemporary. Our teaching is Bible-based, gospel-centered, and practical.

We gather every Saturday at 5:00 p.m. at Freeman Heights Baptist Church:

1120 N. Garland Ave. Garland, TX 75040

Why Do We Gather?

To SING as a way of responding to who God is and what God has done. We sing to remind ourselves each week that God loves us, that he’s rescued us, and that he’s renewing us.

To PRAY together as a people who believe God hears us when we call and that he’s at work in our world.

To HEAR God’s word read and taught. We believe the one who spoke so long ago is still speaking. We want to listen for God’s invitation, to respond to him in our hearts and actions, and to be formed by what we hear to make a difference in our neighborhood.

To TAKE the bread and wine (Communion or The Lord’s Supper) as a way to remember Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. We believe this is a powerful symbol for all people who are "in Christ." Communion is a reminder that we are Christ’s body and that he is always with us.

What About Children?

We have background-checked, loving, and gifted children’s ministry volunteers to provide your child with a safe, engaging, and Jesus-centered time of learning and play.

Our pre-schoolers (babies through pre-K) are checked-in before our worship gathering in the ARK (the gym adjacent to the main sanctuary).

Our school-aged children (K through 5th grade) begin by worshiping with everyone in the main sanctuary at 5:00 p.m. They are released to the ARK with our children’s ministry volunteers just before the teaching time. They spend the remainder of the evening learning about Jesus in a fun and age-appropriate setting.

If you feel more comfortable having your children remain with you in our worship gathering, please feel free to keep them with you! We understand. Ask a greeter for coloring pages if your child would like some.

Why Do We Share a Building?

In our church’s history we’ve never owned our own building.


We have just not felt led thus far to invest such a large amount of money initially to build or to spend a large amount of money monthly to keep up with the overhead a facility carries with it.

We keep our budget as simple as possible in order to give away as much as possible. The money we save in facility costs (and much more) goes to meet needs inside and outside of our church community and to substantially support kingdom work all over the world.


The church is a people, not a building. We think sharing a building helps reinforce this truth.

We want to intentionally partner with another local church — in this case, Freeman Heights — to reach the neighborhood we share. It’s about the kingdom, not competition. It’s about our unity in the body of Christ, not about our differences.

We welcome anyone to come to our worship gatherings, we hope to see you this Saturday!