We believe in the “priesthood of believers” — that every follower of Jesus has equal access to God and is a minister and missionary in Jesus’ name. However, we recognize that God calls, equips, and sets apart certain people to serve as leaders within the local church. The Neighborhood Church is an elder-led church. Elders pray for, care for, instruct, encourage, and guide the church by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s leading. We use the term “elder” interchangeably with “pastor.”



I was born in Dallas and I’ve lived in and around town ever since. I went to Garland High School, the University of North Texas (go Mean Green!) and even seminary here.


Growing up, church was always a part of my life. I remember wearing ball caps at communion as a boy in a charismatic Episcopal church and spending my teenage years running around a gym in a Baptist youth group. Thanks to Jesus' persistence and his people, I gave my life to him at a young age. The rest of my journey with Jesus has been an adventure in sorting out what it means to be with him to learn from him how to live like him.


Before coming to The Neighborhood Church, I served as a young adult minister and worship leader in a multi-ethnic church in east Dallas. It was there that I was ordained and given several opportunities to teach, preach, and walk with all different kinds of people at various stages of life and life with God.


I came to this church (then Providence Community Church) as a pastoral apprentice under the guidance of an elder team that helped put flesh and blood on the kind of pastor I had only read about but hoped to become. I was commissioned as a pastor of this church in July 2014.


My hope is that The Neighborhood Church would continue to live into its name - to be a church that makes a kingdom difference in our neighborhood by welcoming all people, making disciples of Jesus, and sending them out to partner with God in his mission to renew the world.


My wife, Amy, and I have 2 precious daughters — Emma Grace and Nora Hope. I love music, the Dallas Mavericks, and Mondays off and around town with the girls.



Growing up in East Texas, my Mom and Dad passed down three things to me: their love of God, love of family, and love of church. Being raised in a nurturing Christian family and being loved by the community of our church, I gave my heart to Jesus as a young child. 

My parents were always involved in church. When I was 17 years old, I began teaching a Third Grade Sunday School Class. I discovered that I loved teaching! I have always served in the local church since that time. I married my high school sweetheart, Syd. We moved around a lot during the early years of marriage and I graduated from East Central University in Ada, OK and taught high school Speech/Debate, and English for several years. Syd and I have two married adult children. David, (our son) and Sarah lived in Wichita, KA and Misty (our daughter) and Brian live next door to us with our grandchildren (the joy of our lives)…Sydney, Scarlett, and Jasper! They are the best neighbors ever!

My world expanded when I went on an orphanage trip in 2001 to St. Petersburg, Russia. I found a passion for helping the helpless. I have led teams to 7 different countries to work with the orphans. In 2009, Syd and I funded an orphanage in Bungoma, Kenya where 56 orphans call “home”. In 2007, I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary. I served on staff at a local church as Missional Pastor.

I began working with the homeless in Dallas through a homeless shelter. Through this work, I began to sense that God was giving a new direction. Several others and myself planted a church in Garland made of a group of people transitioning out of homelessness, Africans who had relocated to the Dallas area, and people who were living in the suburbs…all looking for a fresh way to worship and live the Christian life together. After 5 1/2 years, we became a part of The Neighborhood Church (TNC).

Shortly after attending TNC, I felt a strong connection to this community. TNC desires to be a fresh expression of Christ, built on the scriptures, prayer, and relationships. There is an authentic effort toward simplicity, the spiritual disciplines, and mission. After many conversations and prayers, Adam and Bud invited me to begin the process of becoming an elder/pastor. This year, 2017, will always be special to me…the year I stepped into the life of TNC as one of the pastors. 

My hope for TNC is: that we will live out the scriptures, individually and in community, we lean into our life-giving God, reach out to the hurting, reflect his characteristics, and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.


shepherding pastor

I was born and raised in northern Illinois but moved to God’s country (North Texas) about 30 years ago. I received a bachelor of business degree from Western Illinois University (go Fighting Leathernecks). I’ve made Mesquite my home ever since moving to Texas.

I started mowing lawns at 12 years of age. Worked fast food, delivered flowers, restaurants and bars from high school thru college. After college I’ve worked for Sirloin Stockade as a consultant, a copier salesman, managed an audio/visual store, a District Manager for Radio Shack, and retired after 19 years with TCBY as a Franchise Business Consultant. 

I spent almost 50 years avoiding Jesus and His church. I contracted Legionnaire’s disease and spent almost 3 weeks on life support. After recovering, I was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease and given 2 years to live. I should mention this all happened in 1994. You would think that I would believe in God at this point but some of us are more hard-headed — or should I say more hard-hearted — than others.

I was blessed through this medical condition because an IV nurse of mine invited me to come to church, not just once but many times. To shut him up I finally visited one time. God met me there and the rest is history.

I was baptized in 2004, remarried in 2005, became a Missional Community leader in 2006, and was ordained a Pastor in 2008.

My hope for The Neighborhood Church is simply that our hearts are always in tune with God and attentive to where God is leading us. I pray that we are known as a church that welcomes all, genuinely loves all, and is a light to all of our neighbors.

My beautiful bride, Robin, and I have 5 grown children — Brett, Rachel, Melissa, Lindsey, and Ron as well as 7 grandchildren. We enjoy the outdoors, ours pets, cooking, and travelling to see family as well as fun destinations.

Our hope is that each member of The Neighborhood Church uses his or her gifts to help our church become who God wants us to be for his kingdom in our neighborhoods. Our leadership team consists of Deacons, Ministry Leaders, and Neighborhood Group Leaders.

A deacon is a man or woman called and equipped by God to be a servant leader in and to the local church and the local community, especially to those in need. Deacons are the “doers” in The Neighborhood Church, wired to get their hands dirty and serve. They regularly and prayerfully ask, “Who is in need?” “What is the need?” and “How is God inviting us to help meet it?”