I was born and raised in northern Illinois but moved to God’s country (North Texas) about 30 years ago. I received a bachelor of business degree from Western Illinois University (go Fighting Leathernecks). I’ve made Mesquite my home ever since moving to Texas.

I started mowing lawns at 12 years of age. Worked fast food, delivered flowers, restaurants and bars from high school thru college. After college I’ve worked for Sirloin Stockade as a consultant, a copier salesman, managed an audio/visual store, a District Manager for Radio Shack, and retired after 19 years with TCBY as a Franchise Business Consultant.

I spent almost 50 years avoiding Jesus and His church. I contracted Legionnaire’s disease and spent almost 3 weeks on life support. After recovering, I was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease and given 2 years to live. I should mention this all happened in 1994. You would think that I would believe in God at this point but some of us are more hard-headed — or should I say more hard-hearted — than others.

I was blessed through this medical condition because an IV nurse of mine invited me to come to church, not just once but many times. To shut him up I finally visited one time. God met me there and the rest is history.

I was baptized in 2004, remarried in 2005, became a Missional Community leader in 2006, and was ordained a Pastor in 2009.

My hope for The Neighborhood Church is simply that our hearts are always in tune with God and attentive to where God is leading us. I pray that we are known as a church that welcomes all, genuinely loves all, and is a light to all of our neighbors.

My beautiful bride, Robin, and I have 5 grown children — Brett, Rachel, Melissa, Lindsey, and Ron as well as 7 grandchildren. We enjoy the outdoors, ours pets, cooking, and travelling to see family as well as fun destinations.

Bud Riddel