Below, you will find sermons from our Saturday worship services and spiritual formation tools prepared by our pastors. Explore and get a taste for what to expect at The Neighborhood Church. 



In our life with God, we do what we can (create space) so that God can do what we can’t (form us by his Spirit into the likeness of Christ). 

Our pastors have created some PDF prayer guides for personal use as a means of making space for God. They are simply road maps for the journey with Jesus you might find helpful along the way. 

90 Days in the Gospels Bible Reading Plan

60 Days in the Psalms Bible Reading Plan

This is My Story - The Stations of the Cross 2020

TNC Prayer Guide — 1 Corinthians 13 Lectio Divina

TNC Prayer Guide — Petitionary Prayer

TNC Prayer Guide — Philippians 2:1-11 Lectio Divina

TNC Prayer Guide — Suggestions for Times of Solitude

TNC Prayer Guide — Thank You / Would You