Neighborhood Groups meet in homes across the northeastern Dallas area on weekday evenings. They exist to cultivate relationships through fellowship, prayer, discussion, and service. This is a great family-friendly place to start if you want to meet people, hear how God is working in their lives, and learn about what we’re doing in our neighborhoods. 

Each Neighborhood Group gathering involves 3 key ingredients: 

  • Fellowship - sharing stories, meals, and life together.
  • Intentional Conversations about our life with God and others. 
  • Prayer

You’ll meet genuine, loving, honest, and imperfect people with stories of loss, hope, joy, sadness, and love. It is a safe space to come with doubts, questions and curiosity.

Neighborhood Groups meet in Garland, Dallas, Richardson, and Wylie. Send us an email if you'd like more information.

If you'd like more information about joining a neighborhood group, click the link below and send us an email!

Neighborhood Groups