The middle school and high school years present all sorts of challenges, opportunities, and transitions. The Neighborhood Church is committed to walking with students as they explore what it means to know God and follow Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe this season of life is crucial and that authentic, trusted relationships are vital to students as they navigate this time. That’s why we provide space for questions, conversations, and fun in a Jesus-centered context.

Here are ways our students connect:

  • Saturday check-in's at 4:30pm before our worship gathering.
  • Student Sermon Guides are provided each week to help them follow along and engage with the teaching.
  • Youth nights on 1st Saturdays immediately following our worship gathering.
  • Events, parties, and hangouts throughout the year

We hope each students knows they are loved by God, they are loved by this community, and they are invited to follow Jesus and make a difference in our neighborhood.

You can meet our team here.

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